West Somerset Bake Off


To showcase the hospitality and catering industry to students using a recognised format that was fun and informative.

How did you do it?

The head development chef at Butlins delivered an assembly to Year 7&8 students to provide details of the compettion and talk about hospitality careers and pathways. The students were then provided a biscuit recipe to make in food tech lessons. The biscuits were judged and the winners were invited to a masterclass at the employers kitchen along with students from other schools.

Challenges and solutions

Many of the students were usually very quiet and we were concerned that they wouldn’t engage. By having someone from Butlins come along it gave the activity another dimensio, particularly as he brought apprentices along too. The students also worked in pairs which helped.


Allof the students that took part loved it, especially the ones that made it to the masterclass. It’s gave them more self-confidence and independence. Some of the finalists already loved food technology but some of them were quite disengaged in class, however after the activity they found a renewed love of the subject and are some of our most promising young chefs now!